x Every week for three months we launch a film on our AKTUALITET youtube channel.

A challenge to our, at times too mainstream, news media, and the way of communication we often take for granted in the world of news coverage.

AKTUALITET (Current) focusses on tackling current debates found in news media, in a different, artistic, and visual way. Film expresses the essence of the matter, but is more abstract and cinematic in its approach to the theme, rather than the classical documentary style encountered in conventional news coverage. The individual projects touch upon varying themes that have been present in the news within the last year. A specific case, an overall theme found in the public debate, or perhaps a portrait of a case or theme desperately lacking in the news presently. Each project must have a certain level of recognizability in the public eye.

The project is also a creative space for director and cinematographer to experiment within the given frame, as well as challenge themselves and each other in the art of communication.


Each project yields a short film, potentially accompanied by a sound design.

The film attempts to boil down the essential point(s) in a simple and effective way.
The moving image draws people into the mood of the theme in a more abstract story telling way – a sound design might accompany the film to support and reinforce the theme.


· One-day shoot, single location (no transport), one lighting setup.
· One director and one cinematographer (along with actors) allowed on set.
· One day in the editing suite.
· One day for color grading and sound design.
· Each project has a productional budget of 0,-

Stay tuned every Thursday this September, October, November for an alternative take on stuff you should know about!


NEXT WEEK we proudly present AKTUALITET #11 by returning in house director Christina Amundsen! – See the fruits of her labour Thursday at noon!

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